Price List - May 2019


Patients aged under 18 who qualify are eligible for treatment free of charge.
The exception to this is for patients in treatment who lose or break their orthodontic appliances beyond repair and the appliance needs to be replaced (NHS Regulation 11). There is then a NHS charge of £80.70 (April 2019) per appliance (subject to change).


After an initial deposit we offer an interest free payment option to help you spread the cost of treatment. The price of your treatment includes all your active treatment and one year’s post-treatment follow-up. The cost will vary according to the complexity of your case and the fees listed below provide a guide to the initial fee and options available to you. (Replacement appliances/retainers if lost or broken are an additional charge).

Initial private consultation (20 minute duration)* £50
Additional consultations thereafter if requested £80
X-ray (OPG/CEPH) * £35 per X-ray
Full Case Assessment (Impressions/Photo’s) * £100
Treatment Planning Appointment £100
Fixed upper and lower appliances (up to 18 years of age) starting from £2,500
Fixed upper and lower appliances (over 18 years of age) starting from £3,500
Invisalign aligners starting from £4,000
Invisalign Lite aligners starting from £3,000
Incognito Lingual braces starting from £8,000
Retainer Check appointment £40
Essix Retainer £95
Hawley Retainer £110
Bonded Retainer Repair starting at £50
New Bonded Retainer starting at £200 per arch
Mouthguards from £65 to £104
Bleaching starting at £200 per arch or
£300 for both arches
Bleaching Refills (inc appt with Specialist) £40 for two syringes
£80 for four syringes

*Fees deducted from overall cost of active treatment if paid in advance separately.

May 2019